, June 24, 2024

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Why Join Clubmoongold?

We love creating free content but as per the request of our community, here' s the long awaited mentorship program!

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Why Join Clubmoongold?

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We launched this mentorship program as an added extra layer to our PMG ecosystem and family. Now we have over 200 loyal members and we are just at the beginning of the 1st major phase in 2022 being completed.

Personal Message from Josh (PMG)
When I first got into trading I was lost in a funnel of misinformation and practices that did not excel my trading career. Notice how I put career, my goal for all of our PMG family is to support their families, purchase there dream car, invest into properties, and be financially free. Seriously, financial freedom has always been my goal. Working door to door from 10am to 10pm daily for several years was draining and I knew there was another way and I was determined to figure it out.  Then we found crypto, which is why we now have a supportive youtube community of about 25k plus and the beginning of a whole universe of knowledge and fun times. My goal for everyone in our mentorship program is for you to learn how to execute trades for yourself and eventually grow with Clubmoongold in the future, after all this is a massive family effort. Let's win together and create a future that we can look at and feel accomplished.  I appreciate all of you, PMG Fam!

Phase 1 will include these features and benefits below:
· Bitcoin Updates via www.clubmoongold.com
· News that will make or break a crypto project.
· Spot Trading Techniques for long term gains and short term scalping.
· Futures Trading Techniques with risk management and profitable trade set-ups.
· Access to the top BSC projects in the space (This is a very risky space but can be 100x or 10x if you get into the right project.
· NFT knowledge and new projects with quick returns and Hodl potential for a profitable investment.
· Learning and Live Telegram / Zoom meetings to ensure all questions are answered and all lessons are demonstrated with community engagement.
· Access to Live Trading by PMG
· 1k - 10k Challenge / Private telegram trade calls / Private Community Chat.
· Access to whitelist and pre-sale events